Best Vacuum For Carpet

Best Vacuum For Carpet

Carpets are beautiful and add luxury and comfort to any living space. However, they also gather dust and dirt easily, and need frequent cleaning. If you want to carpet your home, you should get the best vacuum for carpet, to make maintaining and cleaning a cinch. The best upright vacuums are perfect for carpets over other vacuum types. They easily pick up dirt and dust from carpeting without damaging the bedding or style of the carpet.

There are many brands claiming to be the best vacuum for carpet out there – how will you know which one to bring home and which one to pass up? We’ve compiled a list of the traits of the best upright vacuums – use this list when shopping for the best vacuum for carpet.

Cleaning Power

The best upright vacuums are preferred for carpeted surfaces simply because its nozzle and brushes are powerful enough to clean carpets deeply. The best vacuum for carpet can also be used for stairs and other surfaces with a few adjustments. The best vacuum for carpet is also great for all-around housekeeping because they are powerful enough to pick up animal fur, small objects, and so on.


Despite its bulkier built compared to canister or handheld vacuums, the best upright vacuums have fully-maneuverable heads that make it a cinch to weave through the floor, around furniture and under seats. The best upright vacuums usually have bumper guards, full-bag indicators, and even detachable hoses to reach unconventional non-flat corners and surfaces. You can literally take the best vacuum for carpet around the house, if you select a great, versatile model.

Hygienic and Easy To Clean

The best upright vacuums now come either with a bag or bag less, depending on your preference. Bag less vacuums are perfect for people who suffer from allergies. They are also easier to empty out into the trash bin, without risk of unexpected “explosion” or bursting.

The best vacuum for carpet available also usually come with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) system filters, that protect allergy sufferers from the dust that it picks up. The best upright vacuums now allow allergy-prone to perform household tasks without trouble.

Great Price

The best vacuum for carpet depends on your needs and budgets. The best upright vacuums according to critics are not necessarily the most expensive ones – in fact, pricier models are often looked down. Sensible, middle-range models often provide great power and cleaning capability for carpets and other floor types.