Choosing a Blood Pressure Monitor

Choosing a Blood Pressure Monitor

Choosing blood pressure monitors,  the accuracy of the instrument should be the most important consideration. Secondly, the reliability of the measurements is taken into account. Third, the performance of the device is considered.

Accuracy relates to the degree of blood pressure measurement in practice obtained reflects the current pressure in the arteries when the calls made. Reliability, on the other hand, refers to the degree of blood pressure reading. The average blood pressure is reflected in the 24-hour period.

The technique of the individual to the measurements with the meter running functions, and bad decisions are the most important variables that determine the level of accuracy. Frequency of calls, receiving calls to an understanding of the many factors that affect the blood pressure monitor may be the most important variables, the reliability of the measurements.

One of the most common reasons for a careful reading is a deformity of the arm in the direction of the heart is taken in a reading. If the reading is taken with the arm hanging down the reading level of the heart is falsely higher than the pressure on the really expected, and the poor is higher than the height of the heart to false low reading is expected. Incidentally, when the hand is not from a stationary structure such as a page or someone else, if someone else is not reading support, but he held a position against the gravity of the person to read out some isometric exercise is done to influence the reading.

Another common cause of a valid blood pressure measurement right cuff size in relation to the size of the upper arm. In general, if the cuff is too small relative to the size of the arm reading is higher than the pressure on the artery on the right. Conversely, if the cuff is too large for an arm circumference of the lecture will be lower than actual pressure. The handcuffs are too poor measurements are used, different sizes for adults. There is no standardization of sizes between manufacturers, but also for practical measures are the main adult  hip. Some manufacturers also produce a large additional adult is the size of the adult hip.

If the cuff is not inflated high enough for systolic deflation began to read to be lower than the pressure in the arteries were. If inflation and deflation are interrupted by repeated reading will be wrong. The removal of the error with this technical defects, automated unit, in particular.

You should consider various factors relating to technique, anatomy, and attributes to choose a blood pressure monitor which affects the accuracy of readings, as well as the ease of use, particularly with respect to obtaining reliable readings.